What is Mana Combe?


Mana Combe, by Melanie Clarke

My specially intuited collection of jewelry is intended to spread and elevate consciousness; through self-expression with adornment, a byway of connection. Bridging the realm of the microcosm to the macrocosm.

Adornment can be a portal to connect with one another, share stories/ideas, and enrich our lives. Mana Combe is built upon an ethos that glorifies sacred creation and beautiful potent messages, offered with gratitude. 

The resonance of speaking 'Mana Combe' is an activation. The sound 'Ah' is one of creation and 'Om' is one gratitude. Roman numerals MC translate to 1100, signifying the duality of everything and nothing, honoring the whole of existence: A representation in our world of Ten Thousand Things. 

We are the Mana Combe. 

Ascend Duality.

Honor the Whole.

Adornment for All.